Ingalls Blueberry Hill



Attraction Description

Ingalls Blueberry Hill is a 10 acre field of certified organic blueberries. It is a 'You-Pick' field located 5 miles south of Cooperstown off Route 28. Turn west on Seminary Road and drive 1/2 mile. The field is located across the street from the Dreams Park baseball camp.

Our field overlooks the Susquehanna Valley. And there is not only a wonderful view but a warm breeze on most any day. The setting is conducive to good spiritual healt and good mental health...without a script. Blueberry season runs from about the 22nd of July through the 22nd of August. The field is open daily Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays. Morning hours are 7:00 am through 12:00 noon. Evening hours are from 5:00 until dark.

Our field is neatly mowed and nicely mulched. The bushes are pruned to 6 feet in height. We usually pick about 10 tons of berries annually. Children are welcome when accompanied by their parents or another adult. Given our organic status, our field is especially attractive to mothers who care. (However we will expect your children to come back in 20 years to pay us for all the berries they ate...)

The berries are rain washed and untouched by human hands - clean and organic.

To Make You Smile

• Plenty of free parking along the edge of the field
• Restroom available on site
• Clean, fresh, country water for drinking and hand washing
• Buckets for picking and plastic liners in which to take your berries home
• Ingalls family to provide instructions for picking
• If you are picking for the freezer in the winter or for fresh eating, it doesn't get any better than this.
• Guaranteed to make a memory...given its cognitive enhancing health benefit.
• If you pick 25 pounds or more, you get a free jar of our own blueberry jam or a 12 ounce jar of local honey.

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