Otsego Land Trust Blueway Public Access Site – Deowongo Island

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Attraction Description

Deowongo Island is the only island in Canadargo Lake. Located in north central Otsego County, Canadarago Lake is the second largest lake the county. Oaks Creek drains from Canadarago Lake, meandering approximately 15-miles to where it meets the Susquehanna River at OLT's Compton Bridge access site.

Well known by locals and visitors, Deowongo Island is an iconic regional treasure that has a unique cultural and ecological history. Native Americans, traders, fishermen, botanists and tourists frequented the island and Canadarago Lake that were along a popular travel route from the Mohawk Valley. The name of the island, “Deowongo” comes from the Oneida Iroquois nation’s language meaning, “place of hearing.”

There is a 1 mile loop trail around the island and an open meadow on the north end perfect for picnicking.

To Make You Smile

• Hiking
• Birding
• Fishing
• Paddling

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